LIFE Lynx in Romania is working full speed ahead

Posted - Jan 27, 2021

The first three weeks of 2021 were exciting for the Romanian LIFE Lynx team. In addition to checking more than 40 cameras, already placed for lynx monitoring in three study areas, the team started activating the lynx box traps and within a week from activation, two lynxes were captured.

The first one was about 5 years old male lynx that was captured on January 22. The lynx was thoroughly examined and all necessary veterinary tests will be done, before his transfer to Slovenia.  After just two days, another trap alarm was on and the second lynx, another male, of about 4 years old, was captured. In accordance with the project plan for translocations in 2021, this one will remain in Romanian forests. The team equipped him with a GPS collar that will help us improve on the knowledge on the Carpathian lynx population.

The capture actions were carried out with the help of colleagues from Bacău Forestry Department, within RNP ROMSILVA.

Romanian lynx capturing team with the second captured lynx. Photo: Bogdan Kraft, ACDB

The LIFE Lynx project is moving forward, being a model of collaboration at national and European level, between central authorities, autonomous authorities, hunting ground managers, non-governmental organizations and experts in the conservation of biological diversity.

Lynx with a GPS collar, awaking before the release back into nature. Photo: Andrea Gazzola, LIFE Lynx