Lecture for students in the forest of Mašun

Posted - Apr 9, 2021

In the forest of Mašun on the foot of Snežnik mountain, we held a lecture for students of Conservation Biology program at University of Primorska. We followed the new educational trail »Mašun« and made stops at interesting features for describing the key roles that lynx plays in the ecosystem as an apex predator. We referred also to other large carnivores (wolf, bear) that are a part of the Dinaric forest ecosystem to explain their similarities and distinctions from lynx. In the end, we checked the photos that were recorded by one of the camera traps used for lynx monitoring and explained the role of hunters in this activity. From the presented results of the LIFE Lynx project achieved so far, the students were most impressed by the life of lynx Maks.

Lecture for students. Photo: LIFE Lynx