Kindly invited to the art workshop Kingdom of the Lynx

Posted - Jul 8, 2019

To engage art-oriented people in lynx conservation, art workshop will be organized, from August 30th to September 1st, at the Tourism Jure in Dolenje poljane (Stari trg pri Ložu). Artwork will be created in the heart of nature, under the supervision of the academic painter, Karmen Bajec.  Participants will learn how to design animal figures and paint motifs from nature, while at the same time members of the project team will give lectures and guided field walks to promote an understanding of the lynx conservation issues and challenges of coexistence with large carnivores.

At the time of art workshops, Kozarišče will host an international festival of folk music, theaters, puppets and other visual arts, the Floating Castle Festival. Participants of the art workshops will join the festival and create their art in the courtyards of the village, creating a platform for dialogue about lynx among local community and festival visitors. On the 1st of September, we will complete the art workshop with the exhibition of the paintings and drawings in the Snežnik Castle. Exhibition will be open till September 27th.

Beginners and experienced artists are invited to the workshop. For more information, email us at [email protected].