Public institutions for nature protection as active stakeholders in LIFE Lynx project

Posted - Dec 13, 2019

Lika and norhtern Dalmatia are the southest parts of the Croatia populated by the lynx. Public institutions for nature protection in these areas play an important role in research and lynx conservation of through LIFE Lynx project.

Lynx reasearch and conservation is not supposed and can not be individual effort. A number of institutions and individuals who cooperate trough the project improve our work, make our results better, and our reach further.

Public institutions for nature protection are not only our partners in fieldwork reasearch of the lynx, but also a consultant  for planning and carrying out other, more socially engaged aspects of LIFE Lynx project.

To give a credit to our colleagues, maintain and improve cooperation, we hosted a meeting with representatives from public institutions in Gospić, 12.12.2018. We used this opportunity to review the past results, and their experiences of cooperating with LIFE Lynx team.



The meeting was attended by representatives of:

  • Public institution Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Public Institution Velebit Nature Park
  • Name of Institution: Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values on the Territory of the Lika-Senj County
  • Name of Institution: Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Values on the Territory of the Municipality of Rakovica.
  • Public Institution Northern Velebit National
  • Public Institution Paklenica National Park

With some of the representatives, we already have longtime connections and collabrations, while there were some of the new faces, which we would be delighted to have as associates.

The topics of the meeting was review of their experiences with LIFE Lynx project, positive practices, and challenges that we need to overcome. Their insights regarding the marketing of the project and communicating with the public and local communities are valuable, plus their ideas on how to use fieldwork data in their line of work.



We are delighted to have such meeting at the end of a successful year. We are getting ready for the challenges of the next year, as the traps for the Carpatian lynx are opening and the next lynx to get caught in the trap will be translocated to this reagion.



Translocation and release of new lynx in 2020 will be a large task for all of us, but with the collaboration of public institutions we will prepare for selection of the release sites and communication with the local communities.

Public Institutions of Lika and North Dalmatia – meeting minutes