International Lynx Day 2024

Posted - Jun 7, 2024

International Lynx Day has been celebrated since 2018, at the initiative of the Interreg CE 3Lynx project. Lynx in Europe are endangered and would struggle to survive without human help. To save the lynx in Dinaric Mountains and SE Alps we have brought 18 lynxes from the Carpathian Mountains to save the population from extinction and 14 of them successfully included into the population.


◉ The number of the translocated lynx – 18 animals

◉ Increasing the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population’s size and distribution

◉ Creating the stepping stone in the Slovenian Alps

◉ Raising awareness on lynx conservation by involving 1300+ locals and schoolchildren, producing 120 articles, and being mentioned by the media in more than 1600 news reports

◉ Communal efforts of various institutions (hunters, foresters, biologists and other experts)

◉ Police & hunters working together against poaching

◉ Consideration of large carnivore’s occurrence in wild ungulate hunting management plans

◉ Protection of connectivity corridors through national forest and hunting management plans in Slovenia

◉ Inspiring other projects for lynx translocations, like ULyCA2

◉ Guidelines for the conservation of lynx population at the international level.

For the protection and conservation of lynx, it is important to educate and communicate about the lynx and this is why we prepared a map of all events dedicated to International Lynx day, June 11. Institutions and lynx-related projects will organize more than 60 events in France, Switzerland, Belgum, Slovenia, Italy, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Romania, and Czech Republic.