International Lynx Day 2020

Posted - Jun 11, 2020

The International Lynx Day is celebrated on June 11 and is a collaborative initiative of the transboundary 3Lynx project with eleven project partners in five countries. Different public events and online screenings will be organized in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic to raise awareness for the endangered species – the lynx. A map of all events is available online.  We invite you to celebrate this day!

LIFE Lynx project partners decided to celebrate this day with an online movie premiere of a short documentary film Hunter stories – The Lynx Catchers.  In this film, you will meet a Slovak hunter, Štéfan Zatroch and Czech zoologist, and painter Ludvik Kunc.  They have worked closely as a well-tuned team for more than 20 years to help recover lynx populations in Europe. With LIFE Lynx and other similar projects, we are continuing their work and efforts to save Europe’s biggest wild cat from extinction.

The youth are our future! With lynx Mala, this future shines brighter for lynx in the Dinarics since she is the first descendant of a translocated lynx from Romania. In this short film New hope for the lynx – The story of lynx Mala, we present to you her story.