How can we play with the lynx? A collection of games for children

Posted - Mar 22, 2023

Of course we can not play with real  lynxes, as they are shy wild animals. But we’ve found other ways to play with them. At the suggestion of teacher Anja Kokalj from Dob Primary School (Krtina Branch School), we have helped her prepare a collection of didactic games for children aged six to nine years.

A handbook “Let’s play with the lynx” contains five suggestions for games. Some of them are played through pictures and words, which are designed by cutting them out and sticking them on the lids of jars. In the collection you will also find a design which you can use to create your own game board and follow in the footsteps of the lynx. In addition to the games described above, the collection also contains suggestions for lynx exercises and activities to do with your pupils in the forest.

The collection of games is an example of what can be done in a project when local people and the project team work together. Without Anja’s idea, preparation and testing of the games, this collection would not have been available to the children. The collection was created as part of cooperation with local people in the scope of Local Consultative Groups.