Goru arrived in Slovenia

Posted - Apr 26, 2019

Lynx Goru arrived today to his quarantine enclosure in Slovenia. This is the first lynx to save the Dinaric- SE alpine lynx population from extinction. The transport of the lynx was done by an experienced team for live animal transfer from ZOO Ljubljana and Slovenia Forest Service team members. The trip went without any trouble, and the lynx is now already settled in his temporary home in Loški Potok. During the quarantine, local hunters from Hunting Club Loški Potok, a veterinarian and project team members will take care of the lynx.

We ask everyone not to go near the enclosure, as unnecessary human presence is a big stress for the lynx. The enclosure with its surroundings will be under video surveillance 24/7.

Goru in transport box. Photo: LIFE Lynx