First meeting of the Local consultative group „Gorski kotar“

Posted - Apr 1, 2019

The first meeting of the Local consultative group „Gorski kotar“ was held on Thursday, 28.03.2019, in Crni Lug, at the facilities of National park „Risnjak“

The first meeting gathered the representatives of local community, interested and engaged in LIFE Lynx project activities. The goal of the meeting was to present the current status of LIFE Lynx project and discuss the communication between project partners and local community, and identify the benefits and potential cooperation based on lynx presence in the surrounding area.

Communication and cooperation with the local communities is one of core principles of LIFE Lynx project. The success of the lynx population reinforcement and future of the lynx depend on the involvement and support of the local community. Local consultative group is a platform for local community to present its attitudes towards the project and take an active part in conservation and promotion of the lynx.