Documentary film Back from the Brink

Posted - Apr 20, 2020

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. On an eve before this day, a documentary film Back from the Brink will be broadcasted on Slovenian national television RTV. The movie is a common project of eight European national televisions from Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Swiss, Italy, Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia. The film focuses on changes in the environment. There are individuals and organizations in Europe, trying to make a difference for a better environment, and some of these success stories are presented in the film.

In Slovenia, a new hope was born for an almost extinct species, the lynx. In the scope of a reinforcement project, last spring lynx Goru was translocated from the Romanian Carpathian Mountains. By the end of the year, cameras used for monitoring this species photographed his offspring, a female lynx Mala. Reinforcement is a complicated process, so the birth of a lynx gives us tremendous encouragement for lynx in the Dinarids.

Ana Dular Radovan, screenwriter for the film »We completely exterminated the lynx in Slovenia in the last century. It was then successfully reintroduced in the 1970s. Unfortunately, the newly settled lynx turned out to be relatives, which again plunged the species to the brink of extinction. Now, for the second time, we are solving this species. The efforts of all involved, from the Slovenian Forest Service to the Hunting Association of Slovenia, are incredible. And following a story is actually a privilege you can only enjoy once in a lifetime«


Press release (SLO)