DINA Pivka and local schoolchildren will name the new lynx in Slovenia

Posted - Apr 14, 2022

Last week, a lynx, temporarily “named” RO11, arrived from the Romanian Carpathian Mountains to Slovenia’s Snežník forests. He will stay there until mid- May when he will be released into nature, with a new name, that will be chosen for him by DINA Pivka Large Carnivore Information Center and local schoolchildren.

Students from the Dragotina Ketteja Primary School in Ilirska Bistrica were asked to help with the name selection. The pupils of this school are already involved in our project as Young Lynx Guardians, and choosing a name will make the lynx even more theirs! The school has 18 departments and each of them will contribute one name. One name will be proposed by the teaching staff and another one by the expert committee.  Among these 20 suggestions, the pupils will choose their favorite.