Croatia adopted a new lynx management plan

Posted - May 21, 2024

We bring you great news, after almost 3,5 years of coordination, Croatia has adopted a new lynx management plan.

The expert background for the Croatian lynx management plan (with an action plan) was prepared back in 2019 as part of a broader project “Proposal of management plans for strictly protected species” (KK., led by the Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature (today the Institute for Nature Protection). Association BIOM coordinated the development of the document through working meetings and workshops with interest groups.

After the expert background document was delivered to the Institute for Nature Protection, a proposal for a Management Plan was drawn up on the basis of the delivered document, which was then finalized during internal consultations of the Institute and the Nature Protection Administration. Then, an on-line public consultation was held to ensure the information and involvement of the interested public. All this took almost 3.5 years, and now a detailed ten-year action plan is finally adopted, and the goal is to improve the conservation status of the Dinaric lynx population and to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the lynx and the local population.

The plan was adopted at the right moment – right after the completion of the LIFE Lynx project, thus opening a new chapter in the management of the population, which is enforced by the introduction of new individuals. The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is responsible for the implementation of the plan, but the key prerequisite for successful implementation is to ensure continued population monitoring and active inclusion of all interest groups. It is up to us, the lynx experts, hunters, foresters, and the general public, to be an incentive and support for the Ministry on this path.

The document is available here (in Croatian)