Art Exhibition »Let’s save the lynx«

Posted - Nov 15, 2019

On November 12th we opened an art exhibition titled “Let’s save the lynx” at the Šivec House gallery in Radovljica. The exhibited art works have been created at an art colony in Lancovo near Radovljica as part of the LIFE Lynx project, under the mentorship of an academic painter Brigita Požegar Mulej. At the opening, all gathered were welcomed by prof. dr. Mihael Jožef Toman, the Vice-Dean for Biology from the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, who emphasized the importance of species conservation. Exhibited art works with strong and colorful images provide a unique insight into the secret world of the lynx and are now spreading the story of it. Art exhibition will be displayed at the Šivec House gallery until December 3rd 2019. After this date, we are arranging the display of the artworks at other galleries in Slovenia.

Photo gallery of the opening (Photo: Brut Carniolus)