Answers and questions about lynx and LIFE Lynx project

Posted - Oct 19, 2020

How big territory does a lynx need? Why are the lynxes useful? Do the lynx attack people? How does the project involve the broader public in the LIFE Lynx project?  You can find the answers in our new short and colorful handbook.

The purpose of the newly published handbook is to gather in one place the information about lynx and our work within the LIFE Lynx project. Our aim was to make the manual reader-friendly, easily accessible, and to quickly summarize the answers to the questions we received in the initial part of the project, and from local inhabitants in the lynx areas. We hope we have answered most of your questions this way!

We wish you a pleasant reading!









P.S. You can get your printed version of the handbook at LIFE Lynx project partners from your country.