A 10-year-old pupil wins an international competition with a drawing of a lynx!

Posted - Aug 1, 2022

The project team is very happy when people respond to our invitations to participate in events, help monitor the lynx and participate in the project in other ways. On the other hand, we are pleasantly surprised when we hear from someone who has not yet been involved in the project, but decided to get involved with the issue of lynx conservation.

That’s exactly what Sara Zupan, a ten-year-old student at Mala Akademija – KUD Budna vas, did when she submitted her drawing to the JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest. Her drawing of a female lynx with a kitten won the top prize, the Best International prize!

The contest, organised by JQA Japan and the International Certification Network (IQNET) for the 22nd consecutive year, aims to raise children’s awareness of environmental and earth issues through drawing. Sara won from more than 6390 drawings from 61 countries.

The team is very happy about her success. We congratulate her and wish her many more great moments in nature!