E.6 Communication Support

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

General Communication Support for Lynx Reinforcement and Importance of Natura 2000 Network

The goal of this action is to increase knowledge and awareness about lynx conservation among stakeholders and general public across participating countries. Outputs of this action are primarily one-way communication tactics that can stand alone or provide a framework for other approaches in this broad information and awareness raising campaign (E actions). Several publications (brochure about lynx, bulletins and layman report) will be prepared and distributed by project staff, LCG members, hunters and other actively involved in the project activities. Main messages will be shared through notice boards set up at strategic locations accessible to the public, including places close to lynx release sites and on the lynx trail. The project website will contain all relevant information about the lynx project, Natura 2000 and LIFE programme and will be regularly updated. All important information will be shared through Facebook, where information spreads fast and key messages can be easily visible to the general public. Several press releases and special articles about the project’s progress and results will be prepared and published. Above mentioned tactics are known to be effective when targeting the wider public; the overall goal is dissemination of important information, knowledge transfer and prevention of spreading misinformation.

Project outputs:

Press releases

Promotional material

Popular articles

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