C.1 Lynx Translocation From Slovakia

Posted - Dec 21, 2017

Live-capture and Translocation of Lynx From the Carpathian Population in Slovakia for Reinforcement of the Dinaric-SE Alpine Population

This action, along with similar action in Romania, is an essential step for the reinforcement process, as it will provide the lynx that will be released in Slovenia and Croatia. In this way, inbreeding depression of the Dinaric population will be reduced, and the population will be saved from extinction.  

Live-captures of lynx will be carried out by experienced professionals from Slovakia in cooperation with qualified wildlife veterinarians and colleagues from Slovenia. All trapping devices will be equipped with GSM alarms, so we will be notified immediately when the trap is activated, reducing time animals spend in traps. Captured lynx will be tranquilized and comprehensive medical examinations will be performed in the field by the qualified veterinarian. The handling of the lynx will be done in accordance with all legal requirements and best practice experiences from previous wildlife capturing by the project personnel. Samples will be collected for further veterinary and genetic analyses to optimise the release strategy for a specific animal.

Captured lynx will be transported to the quarantine center in the National Zoo Bojnice. This quarantine center is also used for rehabilitation of injured and orphaned lynx, as well as quarantine of lynx captured within the reintroduction project in Palatinate forest in Germany. The total length of quarantine for each lynx will be determined by the responsible veterinary authorities according to the epidemiological situation. Any manipulation of animals will be performed by experienced professionals with an emphasis on minimizing stress to lynx and human contact. Following the quarantine, lynx will be transported to Slovenia and Croatia. This action will also provide outputs that will be useful for promotional and educational activities.

Project outputs:

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